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    Selecting The Right Apparel

    One of the longest and most thorough aspects of starting the LNS Threads brand was sorting through the many blank apparel brands out there.  Early on, we decided that we didn't want to use the generic brands that many companies jump to because of its low cost.  A baggy and plain hoodie wasn't what we were striving for.  We wanted garments that fitted and felt just like the big brands. We hand selected each item that you see on our website based on quality, style and fit.

    Designing The Right Logo

    The hardest part of the entire process was trying to find the perfect logo, a visual concept that represents the Lower North Shore perfectly.  An Anchor, Longliner, Compass, Ships Wheel, Tipi and many other symbols represent the Coaster Lifestyle, but combining these into one logo is nearly impossible.  In the end we decided to launch seasonal collections with designs that represent different seasonal activities.

    We didn't shy away from using the anchor, even though it's being used by other brands, since it's a large part of the Lower North Shore culture.  And, during the process a close friend stated that it's about time we "Take Back The Anchor!".  :)

    The Printing Process

    Just like selecting the right apparel, we didn't want to cheap out on the printing process.  We use Vinyl Heat Transfer with top quality suede finishes and premium vinyl.

    The purpose of using different printing techniques for different materials is to ensure the best quality in terms of look, feel and the lifespan of a product.