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    The Lower North Shore ('The Coast'); regardless of how many kilometers, oceans, roads (or lack thereof) that separate us... is always Home!  We are always connected to the place that made us who we are today, and the LNS Threads brand represents that connection.

    LNS Threads is about being proud of where you come from, and the apparel we create, print and assemble locally can be worn to show your Coaster Pride all over the world.

    Lower North Shore, Quebec

    Why LNS Threads?

    Since starting Coastal Printing in 2013 we have received many requests, from both locals and expats to design a hoodie/tee that represents The Lower North Shore specifically.  This project has always been in the back of our mind, but it really got kicked into motion after the hiring of a student that became a full-time employee, who brought new life to the entire process after moving to the coast and falling in love with the place we call home.

    Even with influence from neighbouring provinces - Newfoundland, Quebec and the East Coast - the Lower North Shore still has its own distinct culture.  Up until now there hasn't been a specific clothing line to truly represent our unique lifestyle.